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New Year, New Services

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Looking for a website to sell your products, promote your services, or just to show off your hobbies but don’t have a lot of money? Desktop Doctors has the solution! We are proud to introduce our brand new Platinumware Web Design package.

The Platinumware package includes:

-Six pages

-Three email accounts (include 30MB, forwarding, and auto responders)

-One domain name

-Web hosting

-5 updates a month

-Customer service

 The Platinumware package costs $65 a month with a $50 set up fee. For more information, click

Suspicious that your neighbor is stealing your internet connection? Lose all of last year’s Spring Break pictures? Don’t panic! Call Desktop Doctors! Desktop Doctors can use computer forensics to find evidence your cheap neighbor is using your network and in most cases can find deleted pictures, music, or documents you once had saved.

Desktop Doctors